25 January 2016

How are you celebrating Data Protection Day?

As we are celebrating Data Protection Day later this week and have a number of data protection events ( CPDP conference I am talking about you!), and are entering the final week of negotiations for the so-called Safe Harbour 2.0, I thought that this is an opportune time for me to devote some time to blogging.

Post-doctoral research, writing some articles, re-writing other articles, and teaching law (to name but a few!) got the best of me for most of 2015 and blogging was relegated to the 'tomorrow to-do list' which never seemed to have been tackled!

So to celebrate DPD, I am pledging to blog more this year about law, technology and of course data protection! It`s out there now so I can not backtrack!!

 How will YOU be celebrating DPD? I would love to hear your plans via comment or on twitter!! Needless to say for me, this week will be full of data protection blogging, commenting on some of the CPDP sessions , and the Schrems/Wire debate!

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