4 June 2014

Hiatus in blogging + a fancy new title (of sorts!) = doctoral thesis?

My apologies for the very long hiatus in blogging!! What can I say?! The submission of the doctoral thesis was a very laborious, painful, and slow process which required all my attention!! Hence, I had to give blogging a rest as blogging on any day was far more appealing than re-editing the pesky doctoral thesis chapters yet again!!

Anyway! As you can guess from my fancy new title (of sorts!): thesis has been submitted and have been successfully vivaed! Huzzay!I have walked through the fields of barley as the west wind moved for so many years. I have stayed even when promises were broken! Surely, I have now reached the fields of gold?! It does not seem quite so... Fear not, just like La Fontaine`s prudent ant, I shall slog on till I have reached the ever so elusive fields of gold. It is not time yet to say 'adieu veau, vache, cochon, couvee' (La Fontaine).

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