1 November 2010

Weekly Cyber-Law News Round-Up

What a week it has been!! Here are my personal picks of the highlights of last week`s news which relate to internet law. As always privacy and intellectual property issues are dominating the legal landscape of cyber-law news!

Intellectual Property
· Google clarifies AdWords policy to satisfy French competition regulator http://bit.ly/atAR6g
· Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache #androidlawsuit http://ow.ly/32pPL
· Great and thorough analysis of Viacom v YouTube and impact of safe harbour #copyright #DMCA #Viacom= #YouTube #in http://ow.ly/30Jtk
· Google Goes After YouTubeSocial For #Trademark Infringement
· UK MPs question Google over Street View data breaches #privacy #in http://ow.ly/32pV7
· MPs accuse Google on wi-fi data http://bbc.in/aOjlTC
· FTC sends letter to Google - drops Google WiFi case, but tells Google its privacy processes are inadequate #privacy http://bit.ly/aPEQcL
· Google says its cars grabbed e-mails, passwords http://ow.ly/2Zpnj #privacy
· Italy Orders #Google To Clearly Label Street View Cars, Advertise Routes http://ow.ly/2Zpjn
· Regulators closing in on Google http://ow.ly/2ZsLf #StreetView #privacy
· Google investigated over household data privacy breaches by ICO http://ow.ly/2YLpq
· Turkey lifts two-year ban on YouTube #censorship #regionalblocking http://ow.ly/32pVY
· Great and thorough analysis of Viacom v YouTube and impact of safe harbour #copyright #DMCA #Viacom= #YouTube #in http://ow.ly/30Jtk
· Google Goes After YouTubeSocial For #Trademark Infringement
· Facebook app developers sold user info http://ow.ly/32q21 #privacy #in
· Facebook locks down private user data after app controversy #privacy #in http://ow.ly/32pSA
· Court Orders Disclosure of Facebook and MySpace Passwords in Personal Injury Case
· Facebook Allows Users To Turn Off Group Chat http://ow.ly/2ZpvT
· Firesheep Exposes Flaw In #Facebook Log-In Security http://ow.ly/2Zptw #security
Intellectual Property
· Facebook Files for #Patent on Inferential Ad Targeting http://ow.ly/30Jm8
· Facebook comes down hard on Faceporn for #trademark infringement http://ow.ly/2YLk2
· As LimeWire Shuts Its Doors, Other P2P Clients See a Surge in Usage #copyright #in #filesharing http://ow.ly/32pWO
· Limewire shuts down after receiving permanent injunction #copyright http://ow.ly/308HB
Other Intellectual Property News
· Twitter Issues New Guidelines for the Tweet Trademark http://ow.ly/32pXh #trademark #in
· Apple sues Motorola over smartphone #patents http://ow.ly/32pQH
· Taiwanese company threatens Apple with legal action over iPad name #trademark http://ow.ly/30J6r
Other Privacy News
· Berlin Privacy Commissioner Dix proposes principle of Anonymization and Pseudonymization. #OECD30 #privacy
· #EFF Urges EU Data Protection Authorities to Call for the Repeal of the EU Data Retention Directive http://ow.ly/2ZpfB #dataretention
Personal Jurisdiction
· Email and phone contacts help to establish personal jurisdiction in US case VEDICSOFT v. MILLENNIUM CONSULTING http://bit.ly/9lTaZ6
· Hoteliers Look to Shield Themselves From Dishonest Online Reviews http://ow.ly/2Zpq4
· Emergency Powers in Cyberspace http://ow.ly/32pRE #cyber-warfare
· US Air Force #cyberwarfare manual goes public http://ow.ly/2ZpiB

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