21 September 2010

A hop, a skip, and a walk away from this week`s hottest ICT law news!!

In an attempt to blog more regularly, I have decided to dabble with a few new things which will make the most of my tweets on @cyber_panda_ since I seem to tweet more often than blog lately!! Something about the convenience of a 140-word entry combined with a more pronounced sense of community!! Hence I have now generated the first edition of The CyberLaw News Daily which I am aiming to generate on a day full of important legal developments in the ICT field.

Furthermore, I will also publish a weekly round-up of ICT law news at the end of this week. So keep an eye out for this!! I have added new twitter features of the blog to synchronise my blog with my tweets on @cyber_panda_ . Hope you guys enjoy these new developments and let me know your thoughts!

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