15 October 2008

One step closer to an Orwellian world.

What is the Government`s answer to the growing and multifold use of internet and mobile phones: a central database of the traffic generated by both technologies!! The Government justifies its proposal on the premise of 'keeping up' with new technologies. CyberPanda is shocked at this very weak and unpersuasive rationale for such a drastic proposal which is very much reminiscent of Big Brother watching you. Under the current proposal, the information about internet/mobile traffic will be kept for two years and will very likely be held centrally on a searchable database.

The Home Secretary, who unveiled the new proposal today, used all the right terminology: terrorism, sex abuse, murder, drugs trafficking to justify this unprecedented step. The loaded terminology used should not detract one away from the fact that the proposal is very much a threat against the privacy and freedom of expression of net/mobile users. There will be an opportunity for consultation before these proposals are incorporated in the upcoming Communications Data Bill. It remains to be seen what is the aim and scope of the consultation and whether it will, in reality, amend the current proposals in a substantial manner.
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