20 August 2008

EBay`s great expectations.

EBay will be launching its new business strategy today which encourages fixed-price selling as opposed to its traditional aunction business model. It will introduce a lot of incentives to promote fixed-price selling including new fee structure, greater financial protection for buyers.

The aim of this new strategy is to attempt to turn EBay into a global shopping mall rather than its current status of global car boot sale. This new strategy has been launched in answer to the growing criticisms of its buyers and sellers in the wake of various lawsuits brought against EBay by various companies as LVMH. It is also an attempt to give EBay an added edge which will enable it to compete with the business models of its online competitors as Amazon and Tesco.

It remains to see whether this new business strategy will truly benefit the individual buyer or whether the current concerns that the corporate sellers will scoop most of the benefits will materialise themselves. These new changes also mean that EBay will be more fully protected against lawsuits by corporate giants but the question of how the sale of counterfeit products will be addressed remains to be seen.
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