16 November 2010

16.10.10 Weekly Cyber-Law News Round-Up

Another exciting week in the world of cyber-law with BT & Talk Talk being granted judicial review in relation to the Digital Economy Act, many proposals for legal measures from the Commission/Parliament relating to data protection and privacy, and the Parliament`s objection to the use of trademarks as Adwords. CyberPanda wonders what the impact of this opposition will mean in practice when it comes to the laws relating to keywords. Here is my personal pick of the week:

·         Larry Lessig Calls For #WIPO To Lead Overhaul Of #Copyright System | IP Watch http://bit.ly/9qAHtp

·         Court Recognizes That DMCA Process Goes Against Basic Copyright Concepts” http://bit.ly/dos8eu

Digital Economy Act
·         Court grants fourth ground for Digital Economy review http://is.gd/h9rzM

·         Future of Digital Economy Act 'in limbo' until next year, say lawyers http://ow.ly/38j13

·         BT & TalkTalk granted judicial review of Digital Economy Act- what does it mean for file sharers? http://bit.ly/92lvxf
Data Protection & Privacy

·         Call to enforce EC strategy for data protection http://ow.ly/3a3IS #dataprotection #in

·         Summary of Draft Department of Commerce Privacy Green Paper http://ow.ly/3a2RK

·         Facebook, Background Checks and Job Applications http://bit.ly/9yyhN5 #privacy

·         Police recruits screened for digital dirt on Facebook, etc. http://usat.ly/avu0uQ #privacy

·         Swedes' emails to be stored for six months http://ht.ly/38lH2

·         Comparative Chart: Divergencies between Data Protection Laws in the EU. http://bit.ly/c0jbCp

·         Dangers of the Commission`s proposal to include the right to be forgotten in data protection laws http://ow.ly/38J6r

·         European Parliament proposes tough behavioural ad rules http://ow.ly/38j4c

·         Information Commissioner says new laws that impact on privacy should undergo post-legislative scrutiny http://bit.ly/cR1Jdj

·         ECJ holds unqualified legal requirement to disclose personal data on website violates right to privacy and data... http://j.mp/9nXWAC


·         Palestinian blogger arrested for criticism of Islam on Facebook - Global Voices Advocacy - http://goo.gl/qUao6 #censorship

Unfair Competition
·         European Parliament joins French traders in opposing use of rival brands as keywords http://ow.ly/39QkR

1 November 2010

Weekly Cyber-Law News Round-Up

What a week it has been!! Here are my personal picks of the highlights of last week`s news which relate to internet law. As always privacy and intellectual property issues are dominating the legal landscape of cyber-law news!

Intellectual Property
· Google clarifies AdWords policy to satisfy French competition regulator http://bit.ly/atAR6g
· Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache #androidlawsuit http://ow.ly/32pPL
· Great and thorough analysis of Viacom v YouTube and impact of safe harbour #copyright #DMCA #Viacom= #YouTube #in http://ow.ly/30Jtk
· Google Goes After YouTubeSocial For #Trademark Infringement
· UK MPs question Google over Street View data breaches #privacy #in http://ow.ly/32pV7
· MPs accuse Google on wi-fi data http://bbc.in/aOjlTC
· FTC sends letter to Google - drops Google WiFi case, but tells Google its privacy processes are inadequate #privacy http://bit.ly/aPEQcL
· Google says its cars grabbed e-mails, passwords http://ow.ly/2Zpnj #privacy
· Italy Orders #Google To Clearly Label Street View Cars, Advertise Routes http://ow.ly/2Zpjn
· Regulators closing in on Google http://ow.ly/2ZsLf #StreetView #privacy
· Google investigated over household data privacy breaches by ICO http://ow.ly/2YLpq
· Turkey lifts two-year ban on YouTube #censorship #regionalblocking http://ow.ly/32pVY
· Great and thorough analysis of Viacom v YouTube and impact of safe harbour #copyright #DMCA #Viacom= #YouTube #in http://ow.ly/30Jtk
· Google Goes After YouTubeSocial For #Trademark Infringement
· Facebook app developers sold user info http://ow.ly/32q21 #privacy #in
· Facebook locks down private user data after app controversy #privacy #in http://ow.ly/32pSA
· Court Orders Disclosure of Facebook and MySpace Passwords in Personal Injury Case
· Facebook Allows Users To Turn Off Group Chat http://ow.ly/2ZpvT
· Firesheep Exposes Flaw In #Facebook Log-In Security http://ow.ly/2Zptw #security
Intellectual Property
· Facebook Files for #Patent on Inferential Ad Targeting http://ow.ly/30Jm8
· Facebook comes down hard on Faceporn for #trademark infringement http://ow.ly/2YLk2
· As LimeWire Shuts Its Doors, Other P2P Clients See a Surge in Usage #copyright #in #filesharing http://ow.ly/32pWO
· Limewire shuts down after receiving permanent injunction #copyright http://ow.ly/308HB
Other Intellectual Property News
· Twitter Issues New Guidelines for the Tweet Trademark http://ow.ly/32pXh #trademark #in
· Apple sues Motorola over smartphone #patents http://ow.ly/32pQH
· Taiwanese company threatens Apple with legal action over iPad name #trademark http://ow.ly/30J6r
Other Privacy News
· Berlin Privacy Commissioner Dix proposes principle of Anonymization and Pseudonymization. #OECD30 #privacy
· #EFF Urges EU Data Protection Authorities to Call for the Repeal of the EU Data Retention Directive http://ow.ly/2ZpfB #dataretention
Personal Jurisdiction
· Email and phone contacts help to establish personal jurisdiction in US case VEDICSOFT v. MILLENNIUM CONSULTING http://bit.ly/9lTaZ6
· Hoteliers Look to Shield Themselves From Dishonest Online Reviews http://ow.ly/2Zpq4
· Emergency Powers in Cyberspace http://ow.ly/32pRE #cyber-warfare
· US Air Force #cyberwarfare manual goes public http://ow.ly/2ZpiB